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Maria Rice

Maria Rice
Hometown: Wakefield, Rhode Island
Major: Natural Resource Economics & Commerce

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California Initiative Forum

Learn About Proposed Laws

Students will present their nonpartisan, objective analysis of each of the 17 ballot measures at the 2016 California Initiative Review Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m.

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McGeorge Wins State Grant

June 22, 2006

Tags: Business & Community, 2006

State Treasurer Phil Angelides announced that the California Educational Facilities Authority has awarded a grant of $250,000 to McGeorge to support its outreach initiative that seeks to boost college attendance among disadvantaged students.

McGeorge operates curricular and mentor programs with Sacramento Charter High School and the Natomas Unified School District that encourage urban youth to aspire to legal careers. McGeorge is also a leader in the national Pipeline Project that espouses the same goals. McGeorge was one of only nine private colleges and universities statewide to receive a CEFA grant.