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Mohammad Sharif

Mohammad Sharif

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Class of 2017 (December)

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Undergraduate: Gawharshad University
Major: Law


Sharif was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. After graduating from high school, he started working with the U.S Army. He played several different roles, working as an interpreter, legal coordinator, and cultural advisor. In 2014, Sharif relocated from Kabul to pursue my higher education. He is currently in the LLM program.

"I volunteer my time with human rights and women's right organizations. I am a student again so that I am able to work efficiently on policies for human rights, specifically women's rights, in Afghanistan and more effectively support those who are victims of violence. My dream job would be to work for the human rights and women's right in Afghanistan."

Sharif is fluent in several languages, including Farsi Dari, Pashto, Hindi, and Urdu. "I would love to work for the International Human Rights Organization. I want to work on furthering policies for women who are facing violence every day throughout the world, specifically Afghanistan. Projects for water and environment are also imperative for war torn countries as well."  

He has lived in Sacramento for four years. "McGeorge has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. Being here feels like home. It is a small, beautiful campus. Sometimes, I feel like I know everyone! The staff is great, and they are very helpful. We are lucky to have someone like Professor McCaffrey at McGeorge. Being a student here is fun, and it is an especially great school for international students."  

His hobbies, aside from studying, include camping, reading poetry, playing soccer and tennis. 

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