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  • McGeorge Student Affairs Director Co-Chairs Inaugural Conference

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  • Under the Dome Celebration Honored Office of Legislative Counsel Alumni

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Sosan Madanat

Sosan Madanat
Year Graduated: 2014
Title: Executive Director, Foundation for Democracy and Justice
Area of Practice: Public Policy

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Marissa Mendoza

Marissa Mendoza

Hometown: Manteca, CA
Undergraduate: Dominican University of California
Major: Biological Sciences

Originally from the small town of Manteca near Stockton, CA, where she grew up as the only child of an officer father and an esthetician mother, Marissa looked forward to expanding her access to cultural diversity by moving away for college. She was initially interested in studying biological sciences.  During her undergrad at Dominican University of California, Marissa attended the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Lexington, Virginia where she joined her research team in presenting scientific research. After graduating and interning for doctors, she wasn't as happy with the work of science as she thought she would be. So she applied at a law firm, got the job, and began working her way up. After only three years, Marissa became a paralegal. During this experience she enjoyed working with settlement options, client interaction, and client intake. "I fell in love with the field, clients, and it all fits together. I loved it, loved every day."  From then on Marissa knew she wanted a career in civil litigation.

McGeorge's small and welcoming community, trial advocacy program, and interaction between the student's and professors are what caught Marissa's eye. "I think it's really important to be able to meet with professors and contact them when I need to and McGeorge definitely offers that. They are always willing to meet with you."

Eventually, Marissa wants to be able to open her own practice.

While Marissa was busy with school, work and life, she still found time to travel. She embarked on travels to Belize and Brazil where she partook in activities she once considered impossible. Snorkeling, walking through the Amazon jungle, and swimming with pink dolphins are just a few of her adventures.  "It was experiences such as these that allowed me to realize nothing in life is impossible so long as I believe in myself."

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  • McGeorge Student on Team at Annual ADC-ICT Mock Trial in The Hague

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  • Dajani Convenes Workshop on Identity Conflicts in the Middle East, Presents work at Hebrew and Tel Aviv Universities

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