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New Acquisitions


The Library compiles a monthly list containing the new items (books, sound and video recordings, government documents, electronic and other resources) added to the collection. The list is organized by subject and links to more information by clicking on the title.

Subject Headings: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Use "Find in Page" (Crtl-F) to search for specific words.

- A -

Administrative agencies -- European Union countries

Administrative law -- United States

Administrative procedure

Aeronautics -- Law and legislation

Agency (Law)

Aggression (International law)

Airspace (International law)

Antitrust law -- European Union countries

Applied ethics

Arbitration (International law)

Arms control


Assembly, Right of -- Europe

- B -

Bankruptcy -- United States

Biotechnology -- Law and legislation

Breach of contract -- Asia

- C -

Carbon offsetting -- Law and legislation

Civil law -- European Union countries

Civil procedure -- Nevada


Climatic changes -- Law and legislation

Common law

Conflict of laws

Constitutional law

Consular law

Consumer protection -- Law and legislation -- Europe


Copyright (Jewish law)

Corrections -- Japan

Court rules -- California

Courts-martial and courts of inquiry

Criminal law

Criminal liability

Criminal procedure (International law)

Criminal procedure -- United States

Cross-examination -- United States

Cultural property -- Protection (International law)

Culture and law.

- D -


Detention of persons


Discovery (Law) -- United States

Domestic relations -- United States

Drug control -- Great Britain

Drugs of abuse -- Law and legislation

Drunk driving -- California

Dumping (International trade) -- Law and legislation

Duress (Islamic law)

- E -

Educational films

Effectiveness and validity of law

Electronic books

Emigration and immigration law -- European Union countries

Energy industries -- Law and legislation

Environmental law -- European Union countries

Environmental law, International

Environmental refugees -- Legal status, laws, etc

Ethnic conflict

European Commission

European Court of Human Rights

European Union

Evidence (Law)

Executive power -- India

Extradition -- United States

- F -

Financial institutions -- Law and legislation

Financial risk management

Food adulteration and inspection -- Law and legislation

Foreign trade regulation

Freedom of religion (International law)

Freedom of speech -- India

Fuel trade -- Law and legislation

- G -

Gays -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States


Going public (Securities) -- Law and legislation -- India

Government accountability -- United States

Government liability (International law)

Great Britain -- Foreign relations -- Law and legislation

- H -

Hate crimes

Hate speech -- Law and legislation

Heads of state -- Legal status, laws, etc

Homophobia -- Great Britain -- Case studies

Human rights

Human trafficking (International law)

Humanitarian law

- I -

Ignorance (Law) -- Philosophy

Immunities of foreign states

Indigenous peoples

Intellectual property (International law)

Intellectual property -- Great Britain

Intelligence service -- Law and legislation

International Court of Justice

International Criminal Court

International agencies -- Law and legislation

International business enterprises -- Law and legislation

International commercial arbitration

International courts

International crimes -- Law and legislation

International criminal law

International economic relations

International finance -- Law and legislation

International law

International rivers

International travel regulations -- European Union countries.

Intervention (International law)

Investments -- Law and legislation

Investments, Foreign

Investments, Foreign (International law)

Islamic law -- 20th century

- J -


Judicial process

Jurisdiction (International law)

Jurisdiction -- United States

Jurisprudence -- United States -- 19th century

Justice, Administration of

- K -
- L -

Labor contract -- England

Labor laws and legislation


Law -- Study and teaching

Law and anthropology

Law of the sea

Liability for environmental damages -- United States

- M -

Marine mammals -- Law and legislation

Maritime boundaries

Maritime law

Medical care -- Law and legislation -- United States

Mental health laws -- Great Britain

Military law

Military occupation

Minorities -- Legal status, laws, etc

Money -- Law and legislation

Multiculturalism -- Law and legislation

- N -

National security -- Law and legislation -- United States

Non-state actors (International relations) -- Congresses

Nuclear nonproliferation -- Iran

- O -

Organized crime

- P -

Partnership -- Taxation -- United States

Patent laws and legislation -- India

People with disabilities -- Legal status, laws, etc

Political questions and judicial power -- Israel

Power resources -- Law and legislation -- European Union countries

Presumptions (Law)

Privacy, Right of


- Q -
- R -

Recognition (International law)

Referendum -- Scotland -- 21st century

Refugees -- Legal status, laws, etc

Religion and law

Remedies (Law) -- United States

Responsibility to protect (International law)

- S -

Sanctions (International law) -- Decision making

Self-defense (Law)

Sex crimes


Sustainable development -- Law and legislation

- T -

Taiwan -- International status

Technology and law

Terrorism (International law)

Third parties (International law)

Tort liability of corporations

Torture (International law)

Trade regulation -- European Union countries

Transitional justice -- Government policy -- United States


Treaties -- Interpretation and construction

- U -

Uniform System of Citation

United Nations

United Nations. Charter

United States -- Foreign relations -- Law and legislation

United States. Congress

United States. Constitution

United States. Supreme Court

Unjust enrichment -- England

Usages of trade.

- V -

Video recordings

- W -

War (International law)

War and emergency powers -- United States

War crimes

Water rights (International law)

Watershed management

Women's rights

- X -
- Y -
- Z -