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  • How We Built Legislation to Enhance Law Enforcement Training on Elder Abuse

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Thomas J. Tarkoff

Thomas J. Tarkoff
Year Graduated: 1992
Title: Attorney, Oakland office of Foley & Mansfield PLLP
Area of Practice:

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Kimberley Chow

Kimberley Chow

Attorney, California State Controllers
Year Graduated: 2014

Undergraduate: University of California, Irvine
Major: Political Science and Government, Sociology
Year/Track: 2007


Ms. Chow graduated from McGeorge May 2013 with a J.D. degree, and she then completed the Fast-Track LL.M. program in Water Resources Law in 2014. For the past couple years, she has worked at the California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board. She interned at Defenders of Wildlife during her LL.M. degree. She aspires to become an attorney who works to sustain the health of the environment, focusing her attention on conserving water resources to protect biodiversity.

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