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Kiersten Kranberg

Kiersten Kranberg

Class of 2019

Hometown: Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
Undergraduate: Art Institute of Chicago
Major: Photography and graphic design


Kiersten Kranberg studied photography and graphic design as an undergraduate at the Art Institute of Chicago. One day, her lip balm froze on her lips as she was on her way to class in the windy city, and she vowed to move to warmer locale.

Originally she had her heart set on settling in California's Bay Area, but a job opportunity led her to Sacramento. The city of tree's charm grew on Kranberg as she made a life for herself in Midtown - joining the local roller derby league and serving while doing freelance photography and graphic design on the side.  

Her work in the service industry often made her feel less than underappreciated, inspiring her to boldly walk down another career path - that of a lawyer. "Working in the service industry motivated to capitalize on my intelligence and pursue a different professional life."  

At first, Kranberg assumed that law school would be a challenge because her background in art differed from the typical background of most law students. "I think my biggest hurdle in beginning my legal education was getting the courage to actually do it because my background is so different from the people who I go to school with. I thought that I wouldn't really know what I was doing." 

One semester into her McGeorge career, Kranberg has discovered that her reliance on the right side of her brain lends her an advantage over her peers. "It's easy for me to think outside of the box. It's easier for me to bring up different kinds of ideas and relate to clients on a different level because my background in art and philosophy has shaped my brain in a different way."  

For example, her graphic design background has strengthened her ability to pick out key points of information from legal writing because she became accustomed to highlighting one point from a cluster of information to make a profound visual statement.  

Kranberg opted to pursue her law degree at McGeorge because of its proximity to her home in Midtown and the reputation of its international law program. She is eager to study how international law intersects with water rights. After graduating, Kranberg hopes to be working in a firm that she loves and is eager for her clients to leave her office with a smile. "I'm definitely keeping my options open career-wise. You never know when you will discover that you have a knack for something that ignites your passion."  

The best part about law school, Kranberg says, is the people. "The friends I have made so far at McGeorge are by far the best part about coming here. You sometimes hear horror stories about how cutthroat and unwelcoming law school can be, but I found it to be the opposite. Everyone is super welcoming. It is amazing." Kranberg's pivotal lesson one semester into her legal education is that it's important to take a leap of faith and believe in your own aptitude to succeed.  

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