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John E.B. Myers

Professor of Law
B.S., J.D., University of Utah


Phone: 916.739.7176
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Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment.


“If you want to help people in a way that is similar to being a doctor or a psychologist, become a lawyer.” — John E.B. Myers

Professor Myers has given more than 400 presentations on child abuse in the United States and abroad. Judges, attorneys, police, doctors, and mental health professionals have sought his expert advice, and his writings have been cited by more than 150 courts, including the United States Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court. Professor Myers is the author or editor of 16 books and 40 chapters, with three case books currently being used at McGeorge, and has written a hundred articles on child abuse. Prior to coming to McGeorge, Professor Myers practiced law in Utah, where he represented the poor and the disabled.

As a family law attorney who has represented hundreds of abused, neglected children and victims of domestic violence, John E.B. Myers is one of the country’s foremost authorities on child abuse litigation and family law. A Professor of Law at McGeorge School of Law since 1984, when he is not in the classroom teaching the law, Professor Myers is in the courtroom practicing the law, defending children and victims of domestic violence who have been injured physically and emotionally.

An unfaltering advocate of abused and neglected children, Professor Myers continues to win difficult child custody and protection cases while teaching at McGeorge School of Law. Two of these cases involved children who were abducted by a non-custodial parent and taken to a different country. Professor Myers succeeded in returning both children to their families — pro bono. Family law encompasses a wide area of specialties but representing abused children and domestic violence victims in criminal proceedings is one of the most complex and emotionally volatile areas of law. Although these difficult and disturbing cases often extract a personal toll, Professor Myers is steadfast in the battle because he knows the law is in a position to play an important role in bettering the lives of victimized children.

In addition to child abuse and domestic violence cases, new and exciting areas of law affecting children and families are arising in immigration, housing, emancipation, reproductive laws, and others.

Professor Myers believes a family law attorney’s duties closely parallel the duties of a doctor or phycologist. Professor Myers recently stated, “Helping families and children, keeping them safe and well, responding in emergencies – a family lawyer may not be curing illnesses but a lawyer who practices family law is curing family problems and keeping kids safe.”

Courses: Criminal Law, Evidence, Juvenile Law, Family Law, Community Property

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