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Dana Harper

Dana Harper
Year Graduated: 2016 (M.S.L.)
Area of Practice: Human Resources

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Jasper Casey

Jasper Casey

Judge Advocate, United States Marine Corps
Year Graduated: 2015

Undergraduate: California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Major: Bachelor of Science, Graphic Communication

Summary Bio

Jasper Casey works as a judge advocate for the United States Marine Corps. After receiving his B.S. in graphic communication with an emphasis in marketing management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (2010), Casey decided to follow his long-time desire to study the law, earning his JD in 2015. Casey participated in many internships, externships, and practical learning experiences at McGeorge, which positioned him for his current career.  

Full Profile

Jasper Casey's '15 favorite subjects were always civics, economics, and history. In all of these subjects, Casey was fascinated by how pervasive the law is in shaping outcomes. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in graphic communication with an emphasis in marketing management from the California State University at San Luis Obispo (2010), Casey set his sights on a legal career. "I knew it was time to follow my passion and take my career in the direction that would make me happiest."

Knowing he wanted to attend law school in Northern California helped Casey narrow his search. Out of the law schools in the region, McGeorge's 12-acre campus dedicated to graduate studies stood out to him. "I went to a campus visit event that drew me in. It seemed like a collaborative and friendly place with like-minded people." When Casey was accepted with a generous scholarship offer, he was overjoyed. "I couldn't wait to start the next three years of my life."

While at McGeorge, Casey was continually impressed with the number of classes that focused on trial advocacy. He felt their practical design gave him crucial skills for practice, which he used immediately in his current position as a judge advocate for the United States Marine Corps. "My job is all about trials and being in the courtroom. I am very appreciative of the experience McGeorge gave me in this area. I will never forget my first mock trial there. I've been in dozens of trials since then but that first experience felt so special, like it was what I had been waiting my whole life to do."

Taking advantage of internships and externships was also important to Casey. He worked as a law clerk for the Sonoma County District Attorney's office, as a judicial extern for the Sacramento County Superior Court, and as a policy intern for Pete Conaty & Associates. Between his first and second year of law school, he attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) for the United States Marine Corps so that he could return to active duty. "I was certainly busy while I was at McGeorge but everything I did helped me get to where I am today. Experience is so important."

Casey advises current students to work on maintaining balance, "It's easy to get wrapped up in wanting to do well and that is important. But it's equally as important to maintain enough balance to broaden your experience and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves." As for Casey's future, he has at least another four years in the Marine Corps, at which point he will decide if he wants to make a career out of it or go another direction. For now, he enjoys being in court regularly and working on a wide variety of cases.

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