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Jacqueline Logan

Jacqueline Logan

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
Undergraduate: UC Santa Barbara
Major: Sociology
Year/Track: 2016


Jacqueline Logan describes herself as "full of life," and this law student's life is certainly full. The married mother of two young children and active community volunteer was hired as the full-time California State Director of The Humane Society during her time at law school.

Jacqueline, a lifelong advocate for animal welfare, describes this as her "dream job," and says that she got it because of her experience and connections at McGeorge.  

"I met one of the hiring managers for my position when she came to give a guest lecture for one of my law school classes," says Jacqueline. "McGeorge does a great job engaging guest lecturers and individuals in the legal and legislative field who provide opportunities for students."  

While she took the LSAT after graduating with her undergraduate degree in 2006, Jacqueline decided that she might go to vet school instead and studied three years as a veterinary technician. She then decided that law school was the best route for her life passion.  

"Several studies came out that indicated if you wanted to make a difference in the animal welfare field, you had to be involved in legislation for animal protection issues," Jacqueline says.  

Jacqueline says McGeorge professors are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and that the school has accommodated her work and family responsibilities. She says, "Law school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and if I could go back I would do it all over again, only sooner!"  

And Jacqueline loves Sacramento, which she describes as "drastically underrated."   "From 24 hour diners, fabulous cultural events, farmers' markets every day of the week, fitness groups, a thriving downtown, an art district, interesting people from all over the nation, and our state capital," she says, "there's nothing that Sacramento doesn't offer."  

After graduation from McGeorge, Jacqueline plans to take the bar exam because a license will be an advantage for her job. But she hopes to stay with The Humane Society and work her way up within the organization.   "Not many people can say they were hired for their dream job before the age of 30," says Jacqueline, "and I'm honored to be in that group."

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