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Raissa Morris

Raissa Morris
Year Graduated: 2012
Title: Attorney at Law/Partner at Morris & López
Area of Practice: Immigration Law

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Heidi Kim

Heidi Kim

Hometown: Stockton, CA
Undergraduate: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Major: Political Science


Heidi Kim is a first generation American who speaks fluent Korean, so it seems fitting that she's planning for a career in international law. But people who knew her in high school may be surprised that Heidi isn't working in front of a news camera.

Heidi developed an early passion for journalism, and she started the first broadcasting announcement system at her Stockton, CA, high school. When she was 16, Heidi got a job for KCRA-3 in Sacramento as a TV sideline reporter for high school events. Admitting that this was an "awesome first job," Heidi says, "I reported on events that involved my high school and got to be in some cool commercials that were featured around northern California."  

Heidi attended Cal Poly as an undergraduate and majored in political science because she wanted to educate herself about issues she might report on as a journalist. She found that she loved learning about foreign policy and international relations. She also took pre-law classes and enjoyed learning how legal decisions have shaped U.S. history.   "

Why not put these interests together and pursue a degree in international law?" Heidi decided.  

The highly ranked international law program drew Heidi to McGeorge, but the campus itself was also attractive to her. "All the other schools I visited were just a building with a few floors. I loved that McGeorge had a big open campus," says Heidi.  

Heidi says that the professors at McGeorge have been amazing. "I have learned so much from them, not only about the subject they were teaching, but also about how to be a confident and professional attorney," she says.  

Heidi earned the certificate in international legal studies, and after graduation she hopes to work for the federal government, though she says she's still open to other career paths. No matter what, she says, "My main aspiration is to help underprivileged families and people who lack the resources to gain access to the justice system."  

And someday, after a law career, she just might like to get back in front of a news camera.

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