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George J. Theofanis

George J. Theofanis

Class of 2018

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Chicago
Major: Criminology

George is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and moved to California to attend law school at McGeorge. George recalls the journey to California, stating, "When we came out here it was just me, my partner Katelyn Ryan, and our chinchilla, Lotus, in the car. It was difficult initially, starting a new life on our own, especially with starting law school at the same time.  But, California has been kind to us, and has allowed us to facilitate a new life out here with relative ease."

Recently, George is a primary comment editor for the McGeorge Law Review. He is enjoying the experience, stating, "The different complexities and nuances involved in different types of legal writing definitely struck my interest for this position, as well as the opportunity to learn more and grow as a law student."  

His hard work paid off when his article was published for the Marijuana Seminar course in The University of the Pacific Law Review. George explains, "to see the process of what it takes to get an article to publishable format is both a humbling and difficult experience. Specifically, the amount of work required to put forth a thoughtful analysis, and to peel back all the layers underlying an issue. This paper was so exciting because it was an opportunity to write about an area of law that is manifesting out of thin air, something that may only come once in a lifetime."  

George has also recently started an externship at the Third District Court of Appeals. He notes, "Although I know this externship will be a lot of hard work, I am excited for the challenges and opportunities that the work may bring."  

When he isn't working, George enjoys reading for pleasure, "Most recently, I have picked up a book by Neil Degrasse Tyson titled Astrophysics for people in a Hurry to learn more about the cosmos. Also, important to me is practicing presence and meditation. I try to meditate daily, in addition to trying to keep up with my physical health. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said 'Health is the first wealth.' So, especially in law school, maintaining both my mental and physical health has become both a hobby, as well as a way of living."

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