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Francis J. Mootz

A message from Dean Mootz

Welcome to the McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific website. I was honored to become the ninth Dean of the law school on June 1, 2012 because of everything the school has to offer. We have designed these webpages to provide information about our students, faculty, alumni and community partners. I am sure that you will share my enthusiasm about McGeorge as you learn more about the school.

I am energized to be the leader of an accomplished law school located in one of our country's most important state capitals. I have joined a team of talented and engaged faculty and staff that is working to refine our school to address the challenges and changes confronting legal practice and legal education. Change and innovation has been the legacy of this great law school: beginning as an evening school to fill a need in Sacramento, transitioning to a full-time ABA-accredited law school, and then becoming part of the University of the Pacific. We are committed to provide our students with an outstanding legal education that includes a strong experiential component. As the legal profession rapidly changes, we are prepared to provide the education that students will need to flourish as attorneys.

McGeorge is widely recognized for excellence in the key areas of imparting lawyering competence. The communication skills developed in our nationally ranked Global Legal Skills curriculum provides the basis for students to excel in our acclaimed Advocacy and Dispute Resolution programs. These core competencies are expanded by our focus on inter-cultural learning through the programs offered by our Global Center, which is ranked with the international programs from the nation's most elite schools. We give our students the building blocks for success in the increasingly complex global world in which lawyers practice.

This is not time to rest on our well-earned laurels, however. The faculty is energetically pursuing new initiatives as part of a broader University strategic plan to enhance the education at the law school. You will see these initiatives begin to take shape in the coming year.

  • Providing a rigorous, practical and diverse learning environment.
    • Our students have always received an excellent foundation in critical thinking, but we plan to augment our excellent clinics and simulation courses with expanded offerings that assist students to be entrepreneurs in building a successful career.
    • California and the nation are increasingly diverse communities, and the lawyers of tomorrow must emerge from, and be prepared to practice in, a diverse community.
  • Reaffirming the core competencies of lawyering.
    • In today's entrepreneurial environment legal education must return to its liberal arts roots and prepare students with communication and practical reasoning skills that allow them to be proactive problem-solvers.
    • Interdisciplinary training is necessary for today's student to thrive, and the law school will be partnering with other schools of the University to make these experiences available.
  • Enhancing the scholarly reputation of our school.
    • Our acclaimed faculty will be supported to ensure that they can further develop their areas of expertise, providing benefit to their students and the wider community of academics and lawyers.
    • Raising the profile of McGeorge's scholarly publications will play an important role in the lives of the student editors and help to build the reputation of the school.
  • Adjusting the law school for current conditions.
    • We are reducing the entering class size to address the fact that the number of applicants across the nation has dropped significantly in response to the difficult job market for new attorneys.
    • The faculty is undertaking a review of the curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of today's students.
  • Fostering a life-long engagement with alumni.
    • Our relationship with students does not end at graduation. Alumni provide critical support for a law school, and the law school can continue to be an important part of their professional lives.
    • Our students benefit from the involvement of alumni with the school, creating a distinctive community feeling.

During this exciting time in legal education I am proud to join the vibrant community of McGeorge. My wife and I live on campus, as part of the residential community on our beautiful 13-acre campus. There is a unique feeling here, and I hope that you visit and experience it.

Please stay in touch with the school through this website, or through our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr sites. I hope that you will join with me to continue the excellence that defines McGeorge.


Francis J. Mootz III
Dean and Professor of Law
McGeorge School of Law