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Jamal Hartenstein

Jamal Hartenstein
Year/Track: 2016
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Major: B.S. Business Administration

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Yellow Ribbon Program

Veterans: Is Law School Next?

Pacific McGeorge offers Yellow Ribbon full tuition benefits to U.S. Veterans.

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Fequently Asked Questions

Costs of Attendance

What is the estimated total cost for the part-time, 24-month program?

Approximately $35,500 (including tuition, books and health insurance) for the entire 24-month program.

What is the total tuition for the program?

Currently estimated at $29,900 for the entire M.S.L. program.

Tuition rates are $1,150 per unit or $3,450 for a three (3)-unit course. The M.S.L. program is a total of 26 units.

What is the cost of living on campus?

Room & Board is estimated at $9,547 per year.

Financial Assistance

What types of financial assistance does the law school offer?

To be considered for any Federal Direct Loan Program, a student must submit a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), be enrolled at least half time, and be either a U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen, or permanent resident. Any student who is in default of a federal loan or owes a refund to any federal program is ineligible to receive federal loan funds. Please refer to the eligibility requirements.

All accepted applicants, domestic and international, will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships depending on qualifications.

Are there any kind of loans that international students can get?

International applicants can be considered for loans provided they have a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Information about private loans is available on Internet sites like www.internationalstudentloan.com.

What are the requirements to be considered for a scholarship/assistantship?

All students will be considered as part of the admission process. You will be notified of any offers and requested to complete a Merit-based Financial Acceptance Form to accept the offer.

A complete Merit-based Financial Form will be required to officially accept the award.

Program Facts

What areas of speciality are available?

Elective course areas: Criminal Justice, Health Law, Human Resources/Conflict Management, Government & Public Policy, Water & Environmental Law.

What are the typical instructional methodologies for M.S.L. courses?

M.S.L. teaching methodologies primarily consist of Socratic dialogue, case studies, lectures, class discussions & external consulting projects.

What is the total number of units for the M.S.L.?

The total required units are 26 units.

The Pacific McGeorge School of Law Campus

Will I need an automobile? Are there alternative means of transportation?

Sacramento, like many California cities, is mostly suburban and spread over a wide area. Most students find that a car makes it much easier to get around. You must decide if the responsibility of a vehicle is worth the convenience.

What is Sacramento's climate?

Temperatures can range from highs of 100+ degrees F in the summer to as low as 30 degrees during winter. 

For International Students

How will my international transcript be evaluated?

International coursework must be evaluated by an outside evaluation agency such as ASCISS, WES or ECE.

My university didn't calculate a grade point average (GPA). How do I fill in that section of the application?

You should simply put N/A (not applicable) in the box. An evaluation will be completed to determine the strength of your marks in the educational system in which you completed your coursework.

My professor cannot write in English. May I submit Letters of recommendation in my native language?

Recommendations submitted in a language other than English are not preferred, but an attempt to translate will be made using available university personnel and resources. If we cannot provide a translation, we will recommend a for fee service.

Do you provide any transportation between Pacific and the airport?

We typically schedule a limited number of trips to pick up international students from local airports (Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco). Other arrangements can be made by contacting the M.S.L. Director in advanced.

Additional Questions?

Contact the Graduate & International Programs Office
Email | 916.739.7019