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Featured Young Alum

Young Alumni @ Work

Many of McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific’s young alumni have found great positions in the workforce after graduation. Explore profiles of some of our recent alumni who have launched their careers.

Sara Bobbitt, Managing Attorney of Immigration Legal Services, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

Area of Practice: Immigration Law
Year Graduated: 2012

Sara Bobbitt,'12, entered McGeorge School of Law knowing she wanted to represent people on the margins. She considered immigration law after completing an externship at the Mexican Consulate and taking Prof. Raquel Aldana's immigration class. "Then I worked in the immigration clinic and it really solidified my desire to practice immigration," Bobbitt says.

The clinic gave her the opportunity to practice what she was learning and to work directly with clients.

In December 2014, Bobbitt became the managing attorney of immigration legal services at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. She set up the operation, which launched in April.

In addition to providing food and clothing, the food bank offers services such as citizenship and GED and ESL classes. Employees realized that many of their clients also need immigration legal help.

The new unit is partially funded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. The diocese was running its own immigration legal services nonprofit but closed it and approached the food bank to manage a similar program.

Bobbitt oversees three caseworkers and serves clients. Most cases have been family-based immigration applications.

She anticipates a surge in demand for immigration services with President Barack Obama's November executive order, which allows eligible undocumented parents of children who are citizens or permanent residents to stay ... more >

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  • Corrie Manning

    Corrie Manning

    Senior Deputy General Counsel, League of California Cities
    Municipal Law

    As a McGeorge School of Law student, Corrie (Erickson) Manning, '11, packed in practical and extracurricular experiences. She took the Elder and Health Law Clinic ...

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  • Erin Evans-Fudem

    Erin Evans-Fudem

    Legislative Counsel, Capitol Advisors Group, LLC
    Capital Lawyering

    Evans-Fudem has been engaged in public advocacy for nearly a decade. Ms. Evans-Fudem is an attorney with experience in civil litigation, judicial practice, and political law ...

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  • Agung Atmaja

    Agung Atmaja

    Associate, KPMG US (San Francisco, Calif.)
    Business Litigation

    When he served as a law clerk in the Third Judicial District of Nevada, Agung Atmaja was surprised by the amount of impact he had on the cases that he worked on ...

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  • Andrea Moon

    Andrea Moon

    Attorney, California Prison Industry Authority
    Public Lawyering

    Andrea Sogand Moon serves as an attorney with the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation's Non-Medical Class Action Team at the Office of Legal Affairs in Sacramento ...

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  • Carmen-Nicole Cox

    Carmen-Nicole Cox

    Associate Attorney, Weintraub Tobin

    As a student at McGeorge School of Law, Carmen-Nicole Cox took advantage of networking opportunities, both on and off campus ...

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  • Raissa Morris

    Raissa Morris

    Attorney at Law/Partner at Morris & López
    Immigration Law

    At the age of 9, Raissa Morris, '12, and her mother fled her hometown of Cartagena, Colombia. They went to Bogota, running away from her father, a lawyer who physically abused his wife, Morris' mother ...

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  • Michelle Nam

    Michelle Nam

    Criminal Defense Attorney, The Bronx Defenders, Bronx, NY
    Criminal Defense

    Michelle's interest in law school began her senior year at UCSB, when she took a seminar taught by an international human rights attorney. "My professor inspired me ...

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  • Tristan Brown

    Tristan Brown

    Legislative Advocate at California School Employees Association
    Legislative Advocate

    Tristan Brown never saw himself in the courtroom. He often stated the benefits of a non-traditional legal career in politics as, "Traditional attorneys argue about the meaning of laws in court ...

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  • Kristian Corby

    Kristian Corby

    Associate Attorney, King Williams & Gleason LLP
    Water Law
    J.D. 2013, LL.M. 2014 (Water Resources Law Fast Track)

    Corby knew he wanted to go to law school on the West Coast and study water law, but he didn't know just where. Then he began to notice that his research kept pointing him toward Sacramento and ...

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  • Sara Bobbitt

    Sara Bobbitt

    Managing Attorney of Immigration Legal Services
    Immigration Law

    Bobbitt entered McGeorge School of Law knowing she wanted to represent people on the margins. She considered immigration law after completing an externship ...

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