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International Track

Who Pursues this Degree?

This program is designed for students interested in issues that arise when two or more nations share watercourses.

Program Requirements

  • 24 units of study
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.33 on a 4.33 scale

Required Courses — 11 to 15 units

Science & Policy of Water Law (Course typically offered every other year) 2
International Environmental Law Seminar 2
International Water Resources Law Seminar 3
LL.M. Legal Research Writing and Analysis — for foreign-trained lawyers 2, 2
Public International Law 3


Elective Courses — nine (9) to 13 units 1

CA Environmental Cases & Places 1
Environmental Law 3
Graduate-Level Directed Research 1 to 2
International & Foreign Legal Research 1
International Arbitration 3
International Negotiations 2
LL.M. Master's Thesis 3 to 6
Mediation 2, 3
Natural Resources Law 3
Negotiations & Settlements 2, 3
Ocean and Coastal Law 2 or 3
Water Resources Law 3
Water & Environmental Law Practice A (Practicum) 3
Water & Environmental Law Practice B (Practicum) 3

1 Some electives may not be offered every year. Please check the current course schedule for an updated list. The director may approve other courses as electives on a case by case basis. The director may also waive some of the course requirements (and not units) if the students has taken a similar course prior to enrollment at McGeorge.


Contact Stephen McCaffrey, Director of Water Resources Law, International Track
Email | 916.739.7179