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Business Law Requirements & Curriculum

The Pacific McGeorge Business Law Concentration requires completion of the following courses. The Registrar's Office must be informed of your intention to pursue the Business Law Concentration.  

To satisfy the requirements of the Business Law Concentration, students must complete two courses from the list of core courses, three courses from the list of elective courses, and one course from the list of experiential learning courses. If more than two courses from the list of core courses are completed, the additional course(s) can apply towards the satisfaction of the elective course requirement. With the approval of the Director of the Business Law Concentration, courses not on the electives list or the experiential learning list may be substituted, if the course is two units or more.


  • Two of the listed core courses
  • Three courses from the electives list
  • A total of five courses with 12 to 15 units

Core Courses (complete two)

Bankruptcy 3
Closely Held Businesses 3
Employment Law 3
Federal Income Taxation 3
International Business Transactions 3


Elective Courses (complete three)

Accounting for Lawyers 2
Antitrust Law 3
Banking Law 3
Business Planning 3
Business Transactions: Art of the Deal 2
Commercial Law 2
Corporate Governance 3
Current Issues in Securities Regulation1 3
Insurance Law 3
International Banking 2
International Investment Law 3
International Trade — Public Aspects 3
Labor Law 3
Land Finance Law 2
Land Use Planning 2
Securities Regulation 2
Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders 3
Taxation of Partnerships and S Corporations 3
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions 3
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions 3

1 Course offered periodically.


Contact Christine Manolakas, Director of the Business Law Concentration
Email | 916.739.7110