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Nick McKinney

Nick McKinney
Year/Track: 2018
Hometown: Missoula, MT
Major: Political Science

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California Initiative Forum

Learn About Proposed Laws

Students will present their nonpartisan, objective analysis of each of the 17 ballot measures at the 2016 California Initiative Review Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m.

3+3 Programs

The Pacific Legal Scholars Program is a seven-unit undergraduate program designed to expose students to the legal field and prepare them for the rigors of law school. Qualified students can earn a bachelor's degree and juris doctor (J.D.) in six years (3+3 track) or seven years (4+3 track). Students in both the 3+3 and 4+3 tracks are guaranteed admission into McGeorge School of Law as long as they meet the median LSAT score and GPA of the previous entering class.

Program Criteria for Freshmen

  • 3+3 track — 3.5 GPA and 1320 SAT (30 ACT)
  • 4+3 track — 3.5 GPA and 1250 SAT (28 ACT)
  • SAT based on Math + Critical Reading only
  • GPA is cumulative and un-weighted

Students in the accelerated (3+3) track must attend McGeorge School of Law, where they will finish their bachelor's degree after completing their first year at McGeorge School of Law.

  • High-unit majors are not recommended for the 3+3 track. These majors include engineering, international studies, business, graphic design and music.
  • Students in the 3+3 track can decelerate to the 4+3 track at any time.

Students who are eligible and wish to apply should indicate Pacific Legal Scholars as a "pre-professional program" on their application to the University of the Pacific or contact the Program Director or Outreach Coordinator for the next steps in the application process.

LSAT Waiver

Students enrolled in the 3+3 Pacific Legal Scholars program that earn an undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher after six consecutive semesters at Pacific and who score in the 85th percentile or above on the SAT (combined verbal and math only) or the ACT in the year in which it was taken may apply to McGeorge School of Law without sitting for the LSAT.

Students in the 4+3 program must earn an undergraduate G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher after eight consecutive semesters at Pacific and score in the 85th percentile or above on the SAT or the ACT in the year in which it was taken to be eligible for the LSAT waiver.

All students who meet the LSAT waiver requirements and who are admitted to McGeorge School of Law will be awarded a scholarship that will cover 50% of the law school tuition. The Pacific Legal Scholars Award is renewable in each year in which the student remains in the top 50% of their law school class. If an applicant is eligible for the waiver and takes the LSAT, the applicant will be subject to the current merit scholarship policy.

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Contact Information

Outreach Coordinator Pacific Legal Scholars Program
Email | 209.946.2554

Dr. Cindy Ostberg, Director of Program & Pre-Law Advisor
University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA 95211
Email | 209.946.2554