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Yen Phan

Yen Phan
Year/Track: 2012

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Uganda Safari

Law and Development Practicum in Kampala

May 28 to June 20, 2014 — four (4) units

The Law and Development Practicum is a three-week program in Kampala, Uganda, that combines a seminar and work on a project. Students will work together in teams in a court, with a government agency, with a private law firm, or with a non-governmental organization. All placements will have a legal focus. The seminar will run concurrently with the projects. The seminar will focus on development issues in an emerging economy and particularly on the importance of legal infrastructure. Seminar topics will vary each year, but may include the justice sector, commercial law, environmental law, corporate law, or other areas that are evolving in East Africa. The projects and seminar will be supervised by a Pacific McGeorge professor and the staff of the International Law Institute-African Centre for Legal Excellence (ILI-ACLE).

Students will work in the court or other project site approximately 20 hours per week. Each team of students will meet with a Pacific McGeorge Professor once a week to discuss the specific project on which they are working.

In the seminar portion of the program, law students from East Africa will study with the American students, so there will be an opportunity to get to know students from another country. Professors, lawyers, and judges from East Africa will be guest lecturers in the seminar. ILI-ACLE has a strong relationship with universities, courts, government agencies, and private law firms throughout East Africa so the seminar will include highly accomplished guest speakers. Students' grades will be based on a combination of the written work product from the project and either an exam or another method of assessment for the seminar.

Enrollment in the Law and Development Practicum is limited to 25 U.S. law students. In 2013, eleven students, all from Pacific McGeorge, participated in the Practicum. In 2014, the program must enroll a minimum of 17 students to operate the Practicum. In addition, up to 10 law students from Uganda and nearby East African countries will be enrolled in the seminar.

Instructional Excursions to Local Legal Institutions

Visits to two legal institutions will take place during the program. Kampala is a national and regional center. The major Ugandan courts are in Kampala as are the key government agencies. Possible excursions include the High Court, Parliament, the Amnesty Commission, and the Ministry of Justice.

Recreational Excursions — Safari for 2014

In addition to the legally-focused excursions, at least one recreational excursion will be organized by the program. A safari is planned for 2014. Other optional activities include rafting on the Nile River and seeing the rare mountain gorillas.


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