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Summer Program in Kampala, Uganda

Experience a different pace, a different legal culture. Make an impact; create real change by working on a specific project. Here’s what some returning students have to say about the program:

— "Life changing; powerful; tons of fun!"
— "It was eye opening to see how the court system works in Uganda."
— "I expected to go learn, get some credits and come home, but I ended up falling in love with Kampala. I can't imagine being able to learn all that I did without being so immersed in the culture and courts we were learning about."
— "The real education came from meeting and interating with the Ugandan judges and students. They have so much insight to offer us."
— "Beautiful land, great adventures."

In summer 2014, Pacific McGeorge will offer two programs in Africa:

The three-week Law and Development Practicum combines a seminar with work in teams on a project in a court or legal office. Students who enroll in the seven-week Field Placement will be individually placed in courts, government agencies, non-government organizations, or law firms. Through both opportunities, students will gain important intercultural experience and contribute to the development of the legal infrastructure of Ugandan justice system.

For both the practicum and field placement programs, Pacific McGeorge is partnering with the International Law Institute — African Centre for Legal Excellence (ILI-ACLE), which is based in Kampala. An affiliate of the International Law Institute in Washington, D.C., ILI-ACLE is highly regarded and has an established program of legal training throughout sub-Saharan Africa. For more information about ILI-ACLE, please see their website.

A Word from Professor Linda Carter, Program Director

I'm very excited about the Law and Development Practicum because it involves an experiential component in the courts or law offices as well as a seminar. Kampala is a lively, interesting city, so that adds to the experience. All students will work in the courts or legal offices in Kampala for about 20 hours a week. A staff attorney at ILI-ACLE and I will be available to assist with the research and answer questions; we'll have a meeting at least once a week with everyone. The seminar will focus on an area of legal development that is important to a developing country. We'll have Ugandan law students studying with you in the seminar and we will also have guest speakers who work in East Africa.  And, did I mention that we will go on a three-day safari over one weekend? I look forward to meeting with everyone who joins us in Kampala!

Is Kampala safe?

It is always a good question to ask about safety wherever you are going. We hear in the news about conflicts in Africa. It is important to remember, however, that Africa is a large continent and there are many safe countries. What about Kampala? Kampala is similar to any large city in the United States — lots of traffic, people, restaurants, and shops. As with any large American city, we recommend that no one walks alone at night, but during the day, we walk or take public transportation to the courts and other places. We live in a gated apartment complex in a nice neighborhood. We will always recommend the types of transportation to take around the city. Everyone is met at the airport and driven to Kampala. Every step of the way, ILI-ACLE staff are available to assist and give advice.


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