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Inter-American Faculty Scholarship


Raquel Aldana

  • Immigration Federalism and Rights in Immigration Regulation in FEDERAL STATES: CHALLENGES AND RESPONSES IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES (edited collection of essays) (Sashsa Baglay and Delphine Nackache, eds.) (Springer 2013).
  • Raising the Bar: Law Schools and Legal Institutions Leading to Educate Undocumented Law Students (with Beth Lyon and Karla McKanders) 44 Ariz. St. L. J. 5 (2012).
  • The International Rights of Migrants in HANDBOOK ON HUMAN RIGHTS (Thomas Cushman, ed.) (Routledge Books 2011).
  • Local Ordinances After 9/11 in Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in Politics (2011).
  • Making Civil Liberties Matter in Local Immigration Enforcement in THE ROLE OF LOCAL POLICE: STRIKING A BALANCE BETWEEN IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT AND CIVIL LIBERTIES (The Police Foundation 2009).
  • Understanding Immigration Law (Lexis-Nexis 2009) (with Kevin Johnson, Bill Ong Hing, Endid Trucio-Haynes, and Leticia Saucedo).
  • SALT Statement on Immigration Administrative Reforms (with Beth Lyon and Karla McKanders) (2009).
  • EVERYDAY LAW FOR LATINOS, (Paradigm Publisher 2008) (with Steven Bender et al.)
  • Silent Victims No More?: Moral Indignation and the Potential for Latino Political Mobilization in Defense of Immigrants, 45 HOUS. L. REV. 73 (2008).
  • Of Katz and "Aliens": Privacy Expectations and the Immigration Raids, 41 U.C. DAVIS L. REV. 1081 (2008).
  • The Subordination and Anti-Subordination Story of the U.S. Immigrant Experience in the 21st Century, 7 NEV.L.J. 713 (2007).
  • On Rights, Federal Citizenship, and the "Alien", 46 WASHBURN L. REV 101 (2007).
  • Aliens in our Midst Post-911: Leglislating Outsiderness Within the Borders, 38 U.C. DAVIS L. REV. 1683 (2005) (With Sylvia Lazos).
  • The September 11 Immigration Detentions and Unconstitutional Executive Legislation, 39 SIU L.J. 5 (2004).

Latin America

Raquel Aldana

  • Global Issues in Immigration Law, (West Academic Publishing 2013) (with Beth Lyon, Won Kidane, and Karla McKanders).
  • A Reflection of Transnational Justice in Guatemala 15 years after the Peace Agreements, in VICTIMS OF INTERNATIONAL CRIMES: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY DISCOURSE (Christoph Safferling & Thorsten Bonacker, eds.) (TMC Asser Press, 2013).
  • Una Reflexion Sobre la Conducta de los Defensores de Rios Montt, Chile's Public Defender's Magazine (2013).
  • Transforming Students, Transforming Selves: The Power of Teaching Social Justice Struggles in Context, Pac. McGeorge Global Bus. & Dev. L.J. (forthcoming 2012).
  • Transforming Students, Transforming Selves: Teaching Social Justice in Context, 24 The Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development L. J. 53 (2012).
  • The Human Rights of Immigrants in THE HANDBOOK ON HUMAN RIGHTS (THOMAS CUSHMAN, ED. 2011).
  • Learning in Mulukuku: A Journey of Transformation, in VULNERABLE POPULATIONS AND TRANSFORMATIVE LAW TEACHING (Carolina Press 2010) (with Leticia Saucedo).
  • Repairing the Past and Healing the Present: Gomes Lund et. al. v. Brazil (2011) International Justice 1._.55-60 (translated in Russian).
  • The Illusion of Transformative Conflict Resolution: Mediation Domestic Violence Cases in Nicaragua, 55 BUFF. L. REV. 1261 (2008) (With Leticia Saucedo).
  • A Victim-Centered Reflection on Truth Commissions and Prosecutions as a Response to Mass Atrocities, 5 J. OF HUM. RTS. 107 (2006).
  • An Emerging Universality of Justiciable Victims' Rights in the Criminal Process to Curtail Impunity for State-Sponsored Crimes, 26 HUM. RTS. Q. 605 (2004).
  • Peace Without Justice: Obstacles to Building the Rule of Law in El Salvador by Margaret Popkin (Book Review), 25 HUM. RTS. Q. 257 (2003).
  • Steps Closer to Justice for Past Crimes in Argentina and Chile: A Story of Judicial Boldness, in INSTANT ANALYSIS, Nov. 17, 2004.

Hector de Avila

  • Los Tiempos de Crisis Son Tiempos de Oportunidades, Nuestra Ley, MITOTE MAGAZINE, Julio 2008.  
  • Haciendo Negocios en México, Nuestra Ley, MITOTE MAGAZINE, Enero 2007.
  • Importancia de Los Documentos de Identificación, Nuestra Ley, MITOTE MAGAZINE, Octubre 2007.
  • Invertir en México, EDICIÓN LATINA, Vol. No 6, Octubre 2006.
  • ¿Sabe Usted Cuales Son Las Diferencias Legales Entre Los Sistemas Legales de México y Los Estados Unidos?, Nuestra Ley, FREEWAY LATINO MAGAZINE, Octubre 2006, Volumen 2, Edición 10.  
  • Ethical Implications; Dealing with International Clients, ACCESS MCLE, June 2010 (Being reviewed by the State Bar of California for release).
  • El Matrimonio en México, Nuestra Ley, MITOTE MAGAZINE, Noviembre 2006. 

Fred Galves

  •  An American Witness to Political Reform and Legal Justice in Chile, 13 MCGEORGE L. REV. (2005).


Christine Manolakas

  • Tax Barriers to Trade in Services: Myth or Reality in the NAFTA Bloc?,52 TAX NOTES INT'L 323 (2008) (with Catherine Brown). 
  • Trade in Technology Within the Free Trade Zone: The Impact of the WTO Agreement, NAFTA, and Tax Treaties on the NAFTA Signatories, 21 NW. J. INT'L L. & BUS. 71 (2006) (with Catherine Brown). 

Spanish Publications

Julie Davies

  • Sentencias trascendentales del Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos (2013).