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LLM and JSD Programs

McGeorge offers graduate programs for both domestically trained attorneys and foreign trained attorneys. Whether you seek an advanced legal program focusing on Transnational Business Practice, International Water Resources Law, or U.S. Law & Policy, McGeorge is the right place for you.  Sign-up for more information here.

McGeorge Law School is:

  • Ranked top international law program by U.S. News & World Report for seventh year in a row
  • Ranked #20 in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools guide
  • Included on Honor Roll for Best LL.M. programs in 2016 International Jurist magazine
  • The only California school listed among the top 12 schools noted for Top Value in the 2017 International Jurist magazine
  • Included in the 2017 International Jurist magazine as one of only 14 schools recognized for the Law School Experience

Experience McGeorge

With its close proximity to the California State Capitol, San Francisco, wine country and Lake Tahoe, McGeorge's Sacramento campus is a prime location for living and learning. McGeorge is dedicated to providing personalized assistance to international students, helping them adjust to life in a new country. We offer special programs and support for our international students.

Learning from experts in their fields

McGeorge's distinguished faculty and adjuncts offer our students a wide range of expertise. Many of our faculty members are experts in their field — ranging from co-authors of widely respected law books to the 2017 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate. Students also have the opportunity to study international law from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy during McGeorge's Summer Program in Salzburg.

Sharing the journey

Life at McGeorge provides the chance to learn about law and build networks with students from all over the world. LLM and JSD students will share classes with JD students, many of whom are already working in California State Departments and Agencies, as well as non-profit organizations and other legal entities. These interactions can enhance the overall learning experience and provide practical, real-world knowledge, and create lasting bonds.

Advance Professionally

An LLM degree from McGeorge prepares you for the future. Whether you are working towards bar exam eligibility, finding the perfect job or pursuing further legal studies, McGeorge helps you achieve your goals.

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LLM & JSD Staff
Clémence Kucera

Clémence Kucera
Director, Graduate and International Programs

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Jocelyn Blinn
Assistant Director, Graduate & International Programs