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Adjunct Faculty Directory

  • Linda Allison

    Linda Allison
    Chief Assistant, Federal Defender, Eastern District of California
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  • Louis Anapolsky

    Louis Anapolsky
    Partner, Knox Lemmon Anapolsky & Schrimp LLP
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  • Rachelle  Barbour

    Rachelle  Barbour
    Assistant Federal Defender & Research and Writing Specialist, Sacramento
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  • Robin Basra

    Robin Basra
    Staff Attorney, State Lottery
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  • Diane Boyer-Vine

    Diane Boyer-Vine
    Legislative Counsel, Legislative Counsel Bureau
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  • Martin Carr

    Martin Carr
    Principal Attorney, Belzer & Carr LLP
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  • Matthew Crider

    Matthew Crider
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Crider Law Group, LLP
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  • Donald Currier

    Donald Currier
    Judge, Sacramento Superior Court
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  • Walter R. Dahl

    Walter R. Dahl
    Partner, Dahl Law, Attorneys at Law
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  • Hector de Avila Gonzalez

    Hector de Avila Gonzalez
    Attorney, De Avila Law Firm
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  • Katerina Deaver

    Katerina Deaver
    Associate, Mitchell Chadwick LLC
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  • George Demos

    George Demos
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Private Practice, Former U.S. SEC Enforcement Attorney
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  • Donald Doernberg

    Donald Doernberg
    Visiting Professor of Law Emeritus, Pace University School of Law
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  • Alan Donato

    Alan Donato
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Law Offices of Alan J. Donato, Inc.
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  • Shaun Edwards

    Shaun Edwards
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Law Office of Shaun T. Edwards
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  • Mark Eggleston

    Mark Eggleston
    Lead Appellate Attorney, Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District
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  • Laura Enderton-Speed

    Laura Enderton-Speed
    Division Chief, Office of Stakeholder Relations, California Public Employees Retirement System
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  • Michael Ewer

    Michael Ewer

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  • Rex Frazier

    Rex Frazier
    President, Personal Insurance Federation of California, Adjunct Professor, Supervising Attorney, Legislative & Public Policy Clinic
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  • Robert Hawley

    Robert Hawley
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Retired Interim Executive Director, California State Bar
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  • Keith Hill

    Keith Hill
    Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento County District Attorney
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  • Jean Hobler

    Jean Hobler
    Adjunct Professor of Global Lawyering Skills
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  • Elizabeth Jackson

    Elizabeth Jackson
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler LLP
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  • James Kachmar

    James Kachmar
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman & Grodin
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  • Stephen Lapham

    Stephen Lapham
    Judge, Sacramento County Superior Court
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  • James Leet

    James Leet
    Shareholder, Boutin Jones Inc.
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  • Aimee Martin

    Aimee Martin

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  • Jim Mayer

    Jim Mayer
    Founding President and CEO, California Forward, Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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  • Christopher  Micheli

    Christopher  Micheli
    Principal, Aprea & Micheli, Inc., Adjunct Professor of Law
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  • Richard Montarbo

    Richard Montarbo

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  • Steve Muni

    Steve Muni
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice, Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse
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  • David Norton

    David Norton
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Boutin Jones, Inc.
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  • Thomas J. Nussbaum

    Thomas J. Nussbaum
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Former Chancellor, California Community Colleges
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  • Marianne O'Malley

    Marianne O'Malley
    Managing Principal Analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office (retired), Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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  • John Pezone

    John Pezone
    Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento County
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  • Daniel Rainey

    Daniel Rainey
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Chief of Staff, National Mediation Board
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  • Wanda Rouzan

    Wanda Rouzan
    Deputy Attorney General IV, California Dept. of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
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  • Matthew Ruyak

    Matthew Ruyak
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Office of the City Attorney
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  • Kaitlyn Saberin

    Kaitlyn Saberin
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Attorney, Delfino Madden O'Malley Coyle & Koewler LLP
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  • Ronald Sargis

    Ronald Sargis
    Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of California
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  • Jesse Saucedo

    Jesse Saucedo
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Sacramento District Attorney
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  • Jeff Schaff

    Jeff Schaff
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Tiza Serrano Thompson & Associates
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  • Richard Schickele

    Richard Schickele
    Clerk, Honorable Consuelo Callahan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
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  • Theresa Schriever

    Theresa Schriever

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  • Megan Shapiro

    Megan Shapiro
    Associate, Radoslovich | Parker
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  • David Shaw

    David Shaw
    Colonel, USA, Retired
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  • Stacey Shelley

    Stacey Shelley

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  • Joseph Smallhoover

    Joseph Smallhoover
    Partner of Bryan Cave LLP, Paris
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  • JoAnne Speers

    JoAnne Speers
    Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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  • Wim van Rooyen

    Wim van Rooyen
    Adjunct Professor of Law, United States District Court for the Eastern District of California
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  • Mark Velasquez

    Mark Velasquez
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Law Office of Mark R. Velasquez
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  • Dan Wadhwani

    Dan Wadhwani

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  • Ryan Wood

    Ryan Wood
    Partner, Stoel Rives LLP
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  • Timothy Zindel

    Timothy Zindel
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Assistant Federal Defender, Office of Federal Defender
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  • Professor Paolinelli Recognized with ASPA Lifetime Achievement Award

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