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Adjunct Faculty Directory

  • Louis Anapolsky

    Louis Anapolsky
    Partner, Knox Lemmon Anapolsky & Schrimp LLP
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  • John Balazs

    John Balazs
    Attorney, Law Office of John Balazs
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  • Katharine Baragona

    Katharine Baragona
    Senior infrastructure finance specialist, The World Bank
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  • Rachelle  Barbour

    Rachelle  Barbour
    Assistant Federal Defender & Research and Writing Specialist, Sacramento
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  • Robin Basra

    Robin Basra
    Staff Attorney, State Lottery
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  • Thadd Blizzard

    Thadd Blizzard
    Judge, Sacramento County Superior Court
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  • Diane Boyer-Vine

    Diane Boyer-Vine
    Legislative Counsel, Legislative Counsel Bureau
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  • Elizabeth Campbell

    Elizabeth Campbell
    Principal, Law Office of Elizabeth Campbell
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  • Martin Carr

    Martin Carr
    Principal Attorney, Belzer & Carr LLP
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  • Caitlin Christian

    Caitlin Christian
    Principal, Law Office of Caitlin Christian
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  • Joseph Cress

    Joseph Cress
    Principal, Law Office of Caitlin Christian
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  • Daniel Croxall

    Daniel Croxall
    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills
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  • Donald Currier

    Donald Currier
    Judge, Sacramento Superior Court
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  • Walter Dahl

    Walter Dahl
    Partner, Dahl & Dahl
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  • Hector de Avila Gonzalez

    Hector de Avila Gonzalez
    Attorney, De Avila Law Firm
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  • Katerina Deaver

    Katerina Deaver
    Associate, Mitchell Chadwick LLC
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  • Mona Ebrahimi

    Mona Ebrahimi
    Principal Attorney, Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard, Sacramento
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  • Mark Eggleston

    Mark Eggleston
    Lead Appellate Attorney, Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District
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  • Laura Enderton-Speed

    Laura Enderton-Speed
    Division Chief, Office of Stakeholder Relations, California Public Employees Retirement System
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  • Erika Englund

    Erika Englund
    Law Office of Erika Englund
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  • Michael Ewer

    Michael Ewer

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  • Neil Forester

    Neil Forester
    Forester Purcell Inc.
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  • Rex Frazier

    Rex Frazier
    President, Personal Insurance Federation of California, Member, McGeorge Alumni Association Board of Directors, Adjunct Professor
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  • Robin Goldstein

    Robin Goldstein

    more >

  • Joshua Golka

    Joshua Golka

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  • Linda Harter

    Linda Harter
    Chief Assistant, Federal Defender, Eastern District of California
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  • Nicolas Heidorn

    Nicolas Heidorn
    Assistant General Counsel, California Environmental Protection Agency
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  • Keith Hill

    Keith Hill
    Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento County District Attorney
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  • Warren Jones

    Warren Jones
    Professor of Law
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  • Charles Kelso

    Charles Kelso
    Professor of Law
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  • Kevin Kiley

    Kevin Kiley

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  • Betsy Kimball

    Betsy Kimball

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  • Stephen Lapham

    Stephen Lapham
    Judge, Sacramento County Superior Court
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  • Thomas J. Leach

    Thomas J. Leach
    Professor of Law, Director, Trial & Appellate Advocacy Concentration
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  • James Leet

    James Leet
    Shareholder, Boutin Jones Inc.
    more >

  • Gina Lera

    Gina Lera
    Partner, Downey Brand LLP
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  • Henry Liao

    Henry Liao
    Managing Partner, Schinders Law in Guangzhou, China
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  • Travis Lindsey

    Travis Lindsey
    Employee & Labor Relations Manager, U.C. Davis Health System
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  • Albert Locher

    Albert Locher
    Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento County
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  • Danielle Lopez

    more >

  • Kenneth Malovos

    Kenneth Malovos

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  • Amber Maltbie

    Amber Maltbie

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  • Aimee Martin

    Aimee Martin

    more >

  • Samuel McAdam

    Samuel McAdam
    Judge, Yolo County Superior Court
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  • Gregory Meath

    Gregory Meath
    Partner, Meath & Pereira
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  • Christopher  Micheli

    Christopher  Micheli
    Principal, Aprea & Micheli, Inc., Adjunct Professor of Law
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  • Breann Moebius

    Breann Moebius
    Clerk, Honorable William Shubb, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California
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  • Richard Montarbo

    Richard Montarbo

    more >

  • Pauline Nguyen

    Pauline Nguyen
    Supervising Attorney & Mediator, Housing Mediation Center/Clinic
    more >

  • Thomas J. Nussbaum

    Thomas J. Nussbaum
    Adjunct Professor of Law, Former Chancellor, California Community Colleges
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  • Keith Pershall

    Keith Pershall
    Keith E. Pershall, LL.M. Attorney & Counselor at Law
    more >

  • John Pezone

    John Pezone
    Deputy District Attorney, Sacramento County
    more >

  • Michael Rhoads

    Michael Rhoads
    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. State Capitol Legal Affairs
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  • Ben Rich

    Ben Rich

    more >

  • Wanda Rouzan

    Wanda Rouzan
    Deputy Attorney General IV, California Dept. of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
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  • Ronald Sargis

    Ronald Sargis
    Judge, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of California
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  • Richard Schickele

    Richard Schickele
    Clerk, Honorable Consuelo Callahan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
    more >

  • Theresa Schriever

    Theresa Schriever

    more >

  • Kristianne Seargeant

    Kristianne Seargeant
    Attorney at Law, Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard
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  • Megan Shapiro

    Megan Shapiro
    Associate, Radoslovich | Parker
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  • David Shaw

    David Shaw
    California National Guard
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  • Stacey Shelley

    Stacey Shelley

    more >

  • Joseph Smallhoover

    Joseph Smallhoover
    Partner of Bryan Cave LLP, Paris
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  • Ilona Turner

    Ilona Turner
    Legal Director, Transgender Law Center
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  • Dan Wadhwani

    Dan Wadhwani

    more >

  • Leslie Walker

    Leslie Walker
    Associate, Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard
    more >

  • Hanspeter Walter

    Hanspeter Walter
    Principal, Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard
    more >

  • William Wiecek

    William Wiecek

    more >

  • Gary Winuk

    Gary Winuk
    Principal, Law Offices of Gary Winuk
    more >

  • Ryan Wood

    Ryan Wood
    Partner, Stoel Rives LLP
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  • Daniel Yamshon

    Daniel Yamshon
    Associate, Downey Brand Attorneys LLP
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