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Obehi Okojie

Obehi Okojie
Year Graduated: 2012
Title: Student, Georgetown Law S.J.D. program
Area of Practice: LL.M. Transnational Business Practice

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Sustainable Development

Despite the progress made in increasing awareness of sustainable development goals and principles, much work remains to be done. Lawyers have a critical role to play in helping nations, regions and municipalities implement sustainable development goals and principles.

The Pacific McGeorge Global Center was founded with the recognition of the importance of not only global economic development, but also of ensuring that development is environmentally sustainable. The Global Center faculty lead and participate in efforts to build a strong legal environmental framework worldwide.

Water Resources Law

Many current Global Center faculty members’ sustainable development focus is on water resources law. An example is Distinguished Professor Stephen McCaffrey, who is one of the world's foremost experts on international water resources law. Professor McCaffrey currently serves as legal consultant to the Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework, an UN-sponsored project to forge a multinational agreement on utilization of the Nile's water resources. Professor McCaffrey has not only written about international law, but, through his work on the United Nation's International Law Commission (which seeks to codify international law), he has written actual international law. 

Pacific McGeorge offers distinctive International Water Resources Law J.S.D. and LL.M. degrees, with a program focus on the unique laws, policies and political dynamics applying to watercourses that are shared by two or more nations. Distinguished Professor McCaffrey directs the International Water Resources Law program.

Presentations and Conferences About Sustainable Development 


Contact Stephen McCaffrey, Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of Water Resources Law, International Track
Email | 916.739.7179