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Lan Diep

Lan Diep
Year Graduated: 2010
Title: Legal Fellow, Mississippi Center for Justice
Area of Practice: Gulf Oil Disaster Relief Team

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Leadership by Pacific McGeorge Faculty in International Fields

Steve McCaffrey Divides the International Waters

Stephen McCaffrey, one of the world's foremost authorities on water resources, has been heavily engaged in international water law diplomacy since the end of Pacific McGeorge's spring semester. He served on a three-person team that visited four of the five Central Asia republics with the Deputy Head of the U.N. Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia on a project that involves working with government officials in the republics to develop a framework agreement on shared water resources. An elected member of the UN Economic Commission for Europe's implementation committee on the organizations water treaty, he participated in the inaugural meeting of that nine-person group. READ MORE.

Gevurtz Elected to International Academy Comparative Law

Franklin Gevurtz was elected an associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law on June 11, 2012. The Paris-based organization, which has less than 350 members worldwide, elects new members exclusively in consideration of their academic and scholarly contributions to comparative law. Professor Gevurtz, who has written major articles on comparative corporate law, was also elected last fall as Secretary of the American Society of Comparative Law.

Wong Chairs International Arbitration Conference

Jarrod Wong co-chaired the 2013 Winter Forum Conference of the Institute of the Transnational Arbitration from Jan. 24-25, 2013 in Miami, Fla.

Aldana Chairs AALS President's Program on Globalizing the Curriculum

Raquel Aldana currently serves on the AALS Curriculum Committee and was the Chair of the Presidential Program on Globalizing the Curriculum for the AALS 2013 Annual meeting.

Carter Examines International Judges and Courts

Since 2003, Linda Carter has worked with the Brandeis Institute for International Judges to convene meetings of judges from all major international tribunals. The most recent Institute took place in Lund, Sweden at the end of July, where judges engaged in discussions about the "International Rule of Law in a Human Rights Era" for several days at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Lund.

Professor Carter has also commenced a research project on the relationship of international criminal courts and national jurisdictions. The project is in collaboration with Dr. Mark Ellis, the Executive Director of the International Bar Association and Professor Charles Jalloh of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (visiting this year at Florida International University). The project will propose directions and options that the International Criminal Court can take to interact in the most effective way with national jurisdictions and their processes.