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Omaejemite "Jemi" Wilkie

Omaejemite "Jemi" Wilkie
Hometown: Warri, Nigeria
Major: Law

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Hussam Alhabardi

Alumnus Hussam Alhabardi Joins Saudi Royal Court

Hussam (Sam) Alhabardi, '12, has joined the Saudi Royal Court as a legal advisor.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Veterans: Is Law School Next?

McGeorge offers Yellow Ribbon full tuition benefits to U.S. Veterans.

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Ehsan Salehian

Ehsan Salehian

J.S.D. in International Water Resources Law, Class of 2018

Hometown: Neyshabur, Iran
Undergraduate: Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
Major: Bachelor of Science in Law


Ehsan has always been interested in the relationship between law and society and in the face of globalization. He is curious about what role, if any, law plays in determining the standard of living in different countries.

He acquired his first degree in law from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran, before proceeding to acquire his LL.M. degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the University of Oregon. In his quest to deepen his knowledge in this area of law, he decided to pursue a Juris Scientiae Doctor or Doctor of Juridical Science Degree in International Water Resources Law at McGeorge School of Law.

Asked about why he chose McGeorge, Ehsan had this to say: “McGeorge has distinguished professors, great reputation for its Water Law program and as a matter of fact, it is one of the few law schools in the United states that offers a Doctor of Juridical Science Degree in International Water Resources Law coupled with the fact that it is located in the beautiful city of Sacramento, the capital city of California.”

Ehsan has previously worked as a Compliance Officer, Legal Adviser and Foreign Trade Manager. He loves reading history books, politics and going to the gym. His favorite quote is a poem by Khayam Neyshaburi, (an Iranian Poet);

“Some contemplate the way of piety;
Others assume doubt with certainty.
Suddenly a herald cries from his lair:
"O ignorant souls! Neither path is reality.”

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LL.M. Alumni

Mohammad Rahimi

Mohammad Rahimi
Hometown: Afghanistan
Major: Law

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