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  • Carter Heads AMICC Delegation at ICC Assembly of States Party Meeting

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  • New Attorneys Take Oath of Bar Membership at Ceremony

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Robert Binning

Robert Binning
Year Graduated: 2015
Title: Office of Legislative Counsel
Area of Practice: Capital Lawyering

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Daphne Copenhaver

Daphne  Copenhaver

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Undergraduate: Howard University
Major: Biology


With a degree in biology, a master degree in public health and several years working in the health care field, Daphne Copenhaver has decided to make a change. As an advocate for broadening access to care for patients and improved efficiency in the health care marketplace, law school seemed to provide the chance to make a difference. "I have always been interested in policy and the recent developments involving the Affordable Care Act rekindled my interest." During her time working on the administrative side of health care, Daphne was able to gain first hand experience regarding the financial challenges that patients and hospitals face on a day-to-day basis.

While working she began to become more and more interested in the legal issues related to access to medical care. She is currently interested in learning more about lobbying on behalf of the Affordable Care Act, particularly from the patients' perspective. Sacramento became Daphne's home when she moved here from Los Angeles with then fiancé (now husband) back in 2010. "It felt meant to be, the legislature is here, I had always thought about going to law school, it was the ideal time to do it." Daphne says, "My long-term motto is, do something that allows you to continue to learn and grow throughout your career, and getting a legal degree will allow me to do just that."

She says the best thing about coming to Pacific McGeorge for Daphne is the faculty. "Every day there is a new challenge, the professors expect a lot from each student and are invested in our learning and understanding of the material."

As a hobby, Daphne enjoys globetrotting in faraway destinations like Turkey, Greece and Italy. Being a part of a family who worked for Trans World Airlines (TWA), worldwide travel became customary. "I was exposed to many foreign cultures growing up." The adventures don't stop there. As a tradition, every year for her husband's birthday Daphne likes to plan an adventure. One year was skydiving in the desert of L.A. Next year the agenda just might include diving with sharks, you're in a cage after-all.    

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  • McGeorge Team in Final Rounds of New York National Moot Court Competition

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  • McGeorge Ranked in Top 25 Schools for Practical Training

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