Compliance with the Clery Act

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Colleen McCarthy

Colleen McCarthy
Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia
Major: Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

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Compliance with the Clery Act

In compliance with the Clery Act, formerly known as the Campus Security Act of 1990, the School of Law is responsible for disclosing to the students, faculty, and staff all crimes that have been committed on campus, non-campus buildings or property, and public property. That information is available in the Annual Security Report, in addition to the Daily Crime Log, which is available for review in the Director of Public Safety's Office. The School of Law also gives timely warnings to the students, faculty, and staff to aid in the prevention of crime. Each year the Public Safety Department gathers and compiles crime information received from the Sacramento Police Department and Campus Security Authorities to assist in providing crime statistics to the U.S. Department of Education.