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Noreen Evans

Noreen Evans
Year Graduated: 1981
Title: Senior Consultant, Evans Strategic Solutions (Santa Rosa, Calif.)
Area of Practice:

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Christine Craft

Christine Craft

Talk Show Host, KGO Radio
Independent Consultant
Year Graduated: 1995

Undergraduate: UC Santa Barbara
Major: B.A. in English
Year/Track: 1966

Summary Bio

Christine Craft, '95 obtained her JD at McGeorge after a long and decorated career in broadcast journalism. Her B.A. is in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1966). She is appreciative of the warm and friendly professors at McGeorge and is still friends with many of them. After law school she combined her journalism and legal skills to do talk radio and was a worker's compensation attorney at a private firm in Sacramento for several years. She now uses her legal training for independent projects.

Full Profile

After a long career in broadcast journalism, Christine Craft, '95, decided to go to law school in her late forties because she "wanted a few more skills for the back fifty." She was no stranger to the courtroom when she entered law school. She not only reported on dozens of court cases in several American cities throughout her career, she was the plaintiff in a Title VII lawsuit challenging the sexist practices of television news. Her book, "Too Old, Too Ugly, Not Deferential to Men" documents the experience.

Craft earned a B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1966. It was during her tenure there that she became a professional surfer. She lives her life according to the mantra, "stay stoked," a surfing term that means "to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something." From professional surfer, to classroom teacher, to broadcast journalist, to attorney, it is apparent that limits are not in Craft's vocabulary, "I think it's important to keep moving, growing, and exploring."

Growth and exploration are in large part why Craft chose McGeorge. "I was impressed by the quality of McGeorge's professors and breadth of experience it offered." While at McGeorge, she worked as a talk radio host both at KFBK in Sacramento and KGO in San Francisco. She is still friends with many of her professors. "To this day, I am delighted to tap into the McGeorge brain trust when I need expert input on a radio show."

Craft passed the bar exam at age 50 and took care of her ailing father for many years at her home after that. Upon his passing, she practiced Worker's Compensation litigation at Farrell, Fraulob and Brown in Sacramento. Craft's mentor at the firm, Partner Melissa Brown is also a member of the faculty at McGeorge, running among other things, the elder law clinic, which gives students real life experiences in advocating for the helpless. While she enjoyed the work immensely and went to court nearly every day in her sixties, Craft eventually left the firm due to disabilities from an unfortunate accident where Craft and another partner from her firm were struck by a vehicle while they walked to lunch.

Craft currently does a variety of legal work, including special administration of trusts. She has no regrets at adding a new career in mid-life, and urges anyone with a passion for the law to consider a similar path. "It is a bit strange to be in class where the professors are often younger than you are, but learning is not limited to youth."

Craft is currently starting a new adventure as the host of a documentary series involving unsolved crimes. "I'm working with young filmmakers who have tools we never had when I worked in television. I'm able to use my journalistic skills along with my legal education to guide and shape these efforts. The kids are teaching me about GoPros and drones. Here I am at 71 'staying stoked' and loving it. There are never regrets when one follows her passion."

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