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Chelsea Givens

Chelsea Givens

Class of 2019

Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Undergraduate: CSU Chico
Major: Social Sciences

Chelsea Givens' dream is to give fathers who want to be involved in their children's lives more rights to visitation and custody.

Givens was raised by her single mom until she was nine years old when her mom remarried. Givens' biological father showed no interest in being involved in her life, but she witnessed her step-dad's struggle to maintain a presence in his sons' lives. 

"In court, fathers are never seen like they are equals to mothers. There are fathers who fight to be in their kids' lives. My father never did that for me, but I don't understand why mothers can kick their children's fathers out of their kids' lives if they want to have a relationship with their children."  

An athlete, Givens played soccer for 17 years and hoped to play for the soccer team at Chico State University, but became pregnant with her son right when she was about to transfer to Chico State from community college. During the first year of her son's life, she took online sociology classes from home and worked nights so that she and her partner could balance the task of etching out a living and parenthood. Givens graduated from Chico State University in only two years and took a year off to be with her son before he attended preschool and she enrolled at McGeorge.  

Now, as a full-time student, Givens works as an administrative assistant at El Shaddai Family Ranch Foster Family Agency. At the nonprofit, she has been able to go to juvenile court hearings and get a glimpse of what her dream career as a children's advocate would look like. Her passion for helping children navigate the justice system runs in her blood -- her mother worked as a social worker through Child Protective Services, her step-dad is a police officer, and her grandfather used to be in charge of the juvenile justice program in Marysville.  

Givens decided to attend McGeorge because she interacted with many alums who lauded their McGeorge education and appreciated McGeorge's close-knit and collaborative community. The law school is also a mere 45-minute drive to her home in Plumas Lake.

Givens says that the best thing about coming to McGeorge has been the people she has met. "I have a few really close friends who I've met through McGeorge and some teachers who I've connected with immensely. They are interested in what I want to do and think the same way that I think."  

After graduation, Givens hopes to have a job lined up. As of right now, she is leaving exactly what sort of job that might be up to fate. "I just want to be at a job where what I do makes me happy."   

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