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Our Alumni

Meriem Hubbard

Meriem Hubbard
Year Graduated: 1991
Title: Principal Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation, National Litigation Center in Sacramento
Area of Practice: Public Interest Law

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Raul Ramirez

Judge Raul Ramirez

The Honorable Raul Ramirez, '70, Recalls Meeting Dean Schaber

October 24, 2013

Tags: 90th Stories

While visiting Sacramento, I was introduced to the dean of McGeorge.

He promptly asked what I wanted to do with my life. Since I already told him I was going to law school to become a lawyer in Los Angeles or San Francisco I was somewhat taken aback by the redundancy of the question. I told him I wanted to practice law ... Duh.

He looked me in the eye and repeated the question with a different tone. I looked him in the eye and said I would like to become a lawyer and ultimately a judge. He smiled and said: "You stay in Sacramento and attend McGeorge and I will make you a judge."

I did and he did.