IAJ Training Programs

Whether training participants are experienced or new to the job, they will benefit from one of IAJ's in-depth training programs. IAJ has a variety of highly qualified and experienced trainers who develop customized programs for attorney and non-attorney hearing officers, case presenters, investigators, expert witnesses, and other professionals.

Innovative Training Model

Whether participants are experienced or new to the job, they will benefit from one of IAJ's in-depth training programs. Each program can be customized to meet your unique training needs. Our training staff consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in administrative law. One frequently requested component of IAJ's training programs is the use of filmed mock hearing exercises where the subject matter taught is reinforced. As part of these exercises, your hearing officers will conduct simulated hearings in a realistic setting. Portions of the recording are replayed, giving your staff the opportunity to see themselves as others do, and to discuss the issues and problems that arise during actual hearings.

Representative Courses

Each training program is structured in a progressive, logical sequence. Although the subject matter is tailored to your organization's needs, topics typically include:

  • Role of the Adjudicator
  • Elements of Due Process
  • Gathering and Weighing Evidence
  • Ruling on Objections
  • Role of the Attorney
  • Use of Interpreters
  • Receiving Confidential Information
  • Effective Questioning Techniques
  • Use of Expert Witnesses
  • Decision Writing

What People Say About IAJ

"This is the best, most comprehensive training I've ever received. The course was intense and I learned a great deal. The trainers were excellent."

"Training like this is priceless and I am fortunate to have been able to participate."

"The cadre of hearing officers you have are not only well trained, but handle their responsibilities in a very professional and dedicated manner."

"The decisions issued by the hearing officers are consistently excellent in terms of reasoning, legal scholarship, and the way in which they are expressed."

"The hearing officer's decision evinces careful impartial consideration of all the evidence and demonstrates sensitivity to the complexity of the issues presented."

Contact Information

Call or email today to discuss how the IAJ's customized services can meet your immediate needs at an affordable cost.

Andrew D. Walker, Director, IAJ
Email | Phone: 916.739.7049

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