IAJ Mediation Services

IAJ mediators are conveniently located throughout the State and can be mobilized on short notice. IAJ's cadre of trained mediators have diverse backgrounds in government, education, social work, personnel, land use, and other fields. Most IAJ mediators are attorneys. Mediation often produces wiser, more equitable, more stable and cost-effective results than adjudication.

What Clients Say About IAJ

"This is the best, most comprehensive training I've ever received. The course was intense and I learned a great deal. The trainers were excellent."

"Training like this is priceless and I am fortunate to have been able to participate."

"The cadre of hearing officers you have are not only well trained, but handle their responsibilities in a very professional and dedicated manner."

"The decisions issued by the hearing officers are consistently excellent in terms of reasoning, legal scholarship, and the way in which they are expressed."

"The hearing officer's decision evinces careful impartial consideration of all the evidence and demonstrates sensitivity to the complexity of the issues presented."

Contact Information

Call or email today to discuss how the IAJ's customized services can meet your immediate needs at an affordable cost.

Andrew D. Walker, Director, IAJ
Email | Phone: 916.739.7049

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