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The IAJ at Pacific McGeorge School of Law

The IAJ, a division of the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law, has received national recognition as a leading expert on administrative hearing practices and dispute resolution. The IAJ exists to help government agencies and local municipalities meet the challenges brought about through government's interaction with the people it serves.

The IAJ understands that due to the dramatic increase of due process hearings across the nation, public agencies have been hard pressed to meet the new and increasing challenges in dealing with governmental decision-making. IAJ hearing officers can be the solution to this challenge. For over 40 years, IAJ has provided services to federal, state, and local municipalities.

The IAJ has also operated Statewide and local independent hearing systems. Additionally, the IAJ provides customized professional hearing officer training programs and consults on all aspects of administrative adjudication, including the design of hearing procedures and hearing management systems.

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Call or email today to discuss how the IAJ's customized services can meet your immediate needs at an affordable cost.

Andrew D. Walker, Director, IAJ
Email | Phone: 916.739.7049

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