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Gage Marchini

Gage Marchini
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: Economics/Agriculture Business with a legal studies certificate

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Brianna Grant

Brianna Grant

Class of 2019
Law Clerk, Dreyer, Babich, Buccola, Wood, Campora, LLP

Brianna Grant loves to challenge herself. In high school, she was captain of her wrestling team and, currently, lets off steam by participating in Spartan races which often take place across mountain ranges.

"I like a challenge and attending McGeorge has been the biggest challenge of my life - anything that continues to challenge me each day and forces me to grow will attract me."  

Grant who was the first in her family to graduate from college originally wanted to join the Marine Corps, but because of a degenerative eye condition couldn't enlist in service.   "I decided that the next and biggest thing that I could do was to become an attorney because no one in my family is a lawyer. I want my little brothers and younger cousins to know that they are capable of reaching higher goals and accomplishing things that may seem impossible."  

Grant is also at McGeorge to prove to herself that she's capable of rising to the challenge. "I'm studying to become a lawyer because I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I like to believe that I am only an average student so becoming a lawyer to me means that I was able to take my average smarts and work hard to do something above average with it."  

Though Grant works full time as a law clerk for Dreyer, Babich, Buccola, Wood, Campora, LLP, a personal injury law firm, she is on track to graduate from McGeorge's accelerated evening program early. She also stays as active in the community as possible, "I try to be as active within the community as possible. I work closely with the Black Student Unions of both Sacramento State University and Hiram Johnson as a way of giving back to my community and keeping my culture close."  

At McGeorge, she values the constant support of faculty and staff. "In my evening class, we are like a big family. At the end of our second year, we had to do oral arguments and we were all terrified and it was a huge bonding experience."  

She says that the staff and faculty have gone above and beyond to ensure that she is taking the right classes to graduate early and that fit her interests. Grant hopes to be a criminal prosecutor after she graduates from McGeorge.

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