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Katjana Wurschum

Katjana Wurschum
Hometown: All over U.S. (military family)
Major: Criminal Justice and Government

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Benjamin J. Codog III

Benjamin J. Codog III

Hometown: Linden, CA
Undergraduate: San Diego State University
Major: B.S., Business Finance
Year/Track: 2015


Benjamin Codog III grew up in a farming community with a population of 150 people and learned about responsibility early. "I'm the oldest of four kids with a single mom, so I was the de facto role model and father figure," says Ben. He was also an All-Academic student athlete, lettering in football, baseball, track, and golf.

Ben attended San Diego State University, and after his junior year, he realized that he wanted more than a bachelor's degree. "I was choosing between pursuing an MBA or a J.D. and decided that a J.D. offered something more flexible and a new perspective on the skills I had developed as an undergrad," says Ben.

When Ben began looking at law schools, McGeorge stood out. "It's a wonderful school in my own backyard that has great connections throughout Northern California and the San Joaquin Valley," says Ben. "And Sacramento is a great city for young professionals and families because it offers a little bit of everything."

Now that he has completed two years at McGeorge, Ben says that what he appreciates most is the learning atmosphere of the campus. "The campus is dedicated to the education of legal minds, and the faculty and staff have a tremendous understanding of how unique each law student's education is," he says.

Ben was the first person in his immediate family to even attend a four year university. This accomplishment, and his family's support, says Ben, "has become the driving force behind my ambition to succeed." As he looks ahead to future goals-completing law school, taking the bar, becoming partner in a law firm-he knows that his family will continue to support him all the way.

Ben has traveled widely within the United States and swum in every Great Lake, but he's still a small town guy at heart. "I prefer watching the stars out in the country to the big-city lights," says Ben.

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