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Andrea Moon

Andrea Moon

Attorney, California Prison Industry Authority
Area of Practice: Public Lawyering
Year Graduated: 2013

Hometown: Berkeley, Calif.
Undergraduate: UC Berkeley
Major: English
Year/Track: 2013


Andrea Sogand Moon  graduated from high school at 16, entered UC Berkeley as a junior transfer at 18, got married and started at Pacific McGeorge at 22. Her idea of taking a breather is deciding where she is heading in life, and she's definitely mapped out a clear strategy, marching to her own unique beat. Most people don't know that she has a lot of tattoos, which makes it "an adventure to cover them up for court." Or that she is fluent in Farsi, is a first degree black belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo, and writes a fashion blog for law students to make appropriate fashion "a little bit edgy and funky." How did someone with such varied interests and talents decide on law school?

"Law school was always the path I thought I'd take," she says. "My family said the same thing because I never liked to listen and always asked why."

Location was what initially drew her to Pacific McGeorge — her father grew up in Sacramento, and family still lives here. Beyond location, she recalls that her campus visit was like coming home — everyone friendly, welcoming and helpful, and not just to her, but her husband as well. Relationships that she built through service in student organizations — many she cites as her very best friends — are among the great things about coming to Pacific McGeorge.

"I've met wonderful women who inspire me, make me laugh and take care of me."

Moon serves on the Pacific McGeorge Alumni Board Association.

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