Anastasya Uskov

Anastasya Uskov

Hometown: Tracy, Calif.
Undergraduate: University of the Pacific
Major: Graphic Design
Year/Track: 2014


Anastasya Uskov's path to law school colored outside the traditional lines — and that suits her inner artist just fine. Born in Russia, she arrived to the Bay Area with her parents in 1995 for her father's job at a Russian software company. After what she calls a difficult transition, and the addition of a brother and a sister, the Uskov's eventually settled in Tracy, CA and built a good life. Since high school, Anastasya knew she was going to law school, but in undergrad pursued art and design — a passion since childhood — knowing that there was no prerequisite profession for law school. Anastasya is a member of the 2013-2014 Pacific McGeorge Moot Court team.

Q: How about an "elevator" pitch about yourself? Background, any hometown hijinks, claims to fame, family dynamic, friends, school stories, challenges you've overcome, etc.?

A: I was born in Russia, and my family and I moved to the Bay Area in 1995. My father had been hired by a Russian software engineering company based in San Mateo, and he moved my mother and me over a bit after that. Since then we've overcome some substantial difficulties, my brother and sister were born, and we finally settled into our home in Tracy about 10 years ago. In undergrad I decided to pursue art and design, and I'd been engaged in art for most of my childhood. I knew I was going to law school since my freshman year in High School, but I also knew that there was no prerequisite profession for law school, and decided to pursue something a little bit different from my colleagues. I've also been around the world, including Japan, China, Russia, Mexico. Some of my favorite things include making craft-y things like handmade hats and bags, and I really enjoy dragon art.

Q: Fluent in other languages? Tried out for American Idol? Perfect score on the SAT? What is something unique and cool that others should know about you?

A: I can speak, read and write in Russian, although my writing skills are very rusty. I've also participated in a live action design competition called Cut & Paste. I'm part of the Inaugural Class of the Legal Scholars Program at University of the Pacific.

Q: Moment you decided law school was for you?

A: Probably freshman year of High School. I joined the Mock Trial team, and really enjoyed picking apart the fact patterns we worked with. But I did take the time after deciding to shoot for law school to really research what it meant to be a lawyer and to be in law school, which is why I joined the Legal Scholars Program in undergrad, parallel to my BFA.

Q: Why Pacific McGeorge? And/or Sacramento as a city? Anything specific/general/otherwise that decided it for you?

A: I've really come to love the central valley, and since my family is in Tracy, Sacramento isn't too far away from home, but far enough.

Q: Say the years have passed and it's graduation day – where do you plan/hope to land next?

A: My aspiration is to get a job working with artists and small design firms, and to eventually move up north to either Portland or Seattle. I really want to put my future expertise to use and still be in touch with the arts and crafts community, particularly because there is a lot of tumultuous change that is and will be happening in the next 5 - 10 years. My secret, really big and improbable aspiration is to move to Vancouver and find an international firm that deals with cultural art and craft preservation and development.

Q: What has been the best thing about coming to Pacific McGeorge?

A: McGeorge is really just fantastic all around. I don't live on campus, but only a block away, so it's very convenient and beautiful. I love how compassionate everyone is. I also love how I was allowed to get involved in clubs and programs during my first year of law school.

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