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Adrienne Brungess

Professor of Lawyering Skills
B.A., San Diego State University
J.D., University of the Pacific, McGeorge


Phone: 916.739.7170
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. or by appointment.


"I love teaching at McGeorge because it affords me the opportunity to work with aspiring attorneys who may one day become legislators and policy-makers, community leaders, and judges. I feel it is a great responsibility, and also a privilege, to guide and mentor our students as they navigate a path into the profession and develop their lawyering skills and professional identity. I know how critical the written and spoken word is to all aspects of lawyering and advocacy, and enjoy my role in helping students develop these skills, along with helping them develop key strategies to engage in meaningful dispute resolution. Watching students become skilled professionals ready to practice with confidence, competence, and credibility is probably the main highlight of working as an educator at McGeorge." — Adrienne Brungess

Professor Adrienne Brungess is a proud McGeorge alumna ('96) who joined the McGeorge School of Law faculty in 2002. She teaches in the law school's distinctive legal writing program, Global Lawyering Skills (GLS), and teaches popular alternative dispute resolution and negotiation courses. Because of her extensive background in ADR and negotiation, Professor Brungess' students gain comprehensive skills in processes and techniques in a simulation- focused curriculum. As a valued member of the legal writing faculty, Professor Brungess has helped earn the law school's GLS program a national reputation as being the "most significant integration of international and comparative law in a legal writing program to date."

Professor Brungess is a contributing author to the Global Lawyering Skills text, a comprehensive lawyering skills text written by McGeorge Global Lawyering Skills faculty, and is a frequent conference presenter on a variety of topics. Recently, she presented on the topic "Bridging Experiential and Theoretical Coursework" at the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference. She also presented on "Interactive Teaching in the Context of International Transactions" at the Inciting Innovations in Legal Education Conference, at Georgetown Law School in Washington D.C. The conference included both American and Russian law professors.

As a student at McGeorge, Professor Brungess was inspired to practice in the area of family law. Upon graduation, she opened a family law litigation firm in 1997, where she represented parties in all stages of divorce litigation, and assisted clients in resolving custody, support, and property division matters. She also handled guardianship and parentage cases as well as stepparent adoptions, and acted as court-appointed minor's counsel. During her time in private practice, Professor Brungess volunteered for the Sacramento Mediation Center (1996-2001) and was a staff attorney for Voluntary Legal Services of Northern California (VLSP) (1999-2000), where she assisted in the establishment and management of the Self Help Center at the William Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse in Sacramento. While at VLSP, she trained new attorneys on family law forms completion and procedures. In 2001, VLSP recognized Professor Brungess' contributions with the "Award for Outstanding Dedication to Development of Pro Bono Legal Services." Professor Brungess has also served as a Sacramento County pro tem settlement conference judge at the Family Relations Courthouse (2000-2003), and as a pro tem small claims court judge at the Carol Miller Justice Center (2003-2013).

Professor Brungess credits her time in practice for giving her significant experience in client interviewing and counseling, dispute resolution, discovery, litigation, complex project management, and development of professional identity. This professional experience also contributes to the skills and techniques she is able to impart to her students, and to the success of the students she coaches in the law school's top ranking moot court program where she has coached top performing McGeorge advocacy teams for three years. Additionally, she frequently supervises student law review articles and directed research projects.

In addition to teaching and coaching, Professor Brungess is a member of the law school's US Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) exchange, which provides grants to Russian and U.S. organizations in support of entrepreneurial, business, intellectual property and innovation exchanges. To date, the law school's legal education exchange program has hosted eight Russian law professors to learn best practice techniques for interactive and experiential teaching. As part of this program, Professor Brungess will travel to Moscow in 2017 to share her expertise in coaching moot court competition teams, as well experiential teaching methods with our Russian professor partners.

Professor Brungess is interested in the development of modern teaching and learning methods, including engaging different student learning styles, integrating technology into teaching and learning, and creating curriculums that integrate distance learning.

Courses: Global Lawyering Skills, Negotiation & Settlements, Negotiating Disputes into Deals, Principles of Legal Analysis

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